Lay ministers are people with a license from the Bishop to carry out certain duties, either at a service in a rest home or private home. Some Lay Ministers have a license to take a service, preach and administer the Reserved Sacrament and others have a license to preach or administer the Chalice at a service. To be fully licensed one is expected to undertake the Course of Education for Ministry, which covers Bible Study as well as Biblical History, Theology, practical work and attending regular training weekends. It is a satisfying and challenging way of serving the Lord, in what we believe is God’s call to us to serve in the Parish, in whatever way may be appropriate.

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When we have the opportunity to help anyone, we should do it” Galatians 6:10


The aim of a Prayer Chain is to uphold in prayer any who are ill or in trouble. Confidentiality is always observed. When we are told of someone in need of prayer we immediately phone the next person on the chain, giving Christian name only and a brief request. If you read this and feel God is calling you to ministry please

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Jesus said ” Come unto me all who are heavy laden and I will refresh you