Working in the Community

4.44  Friday Fun Night

A programme for youngsters from 7-12 years. Come along and join other families for an hour or so.

For more information contact Suzanne Reid on 871 5568. Helpers are always welcome.


We are pleased to contribute with other Churches in town to this very worthy cause and play an important part in collection. It is the time of year when heavier demands are made on our stocks and we do need sugar, flour and spreads particularly. We must also say a very big ‘thank you’ for the never ending generosity through out the year.

Great need at the moment for food please, particularly for tinned meat, fish or veggies, however there is a good supply of spaghetti at the moment.

Items may be left at the Church office or contact Maureen George 07 871 3245

Pastoral Care

The ministry of Pastoral Care is to bring the awareness that Christ is born anew within us to the sick, grieving, shut-ins, elderly and others.
As visitors we show our love as we try to build relationships and be a ray of light to breakthrough the darkness of doubt, despair and loneliness. Pastoral care visitors must be sensitive to privacy and needs of the person being visited, listen, be interested and observant. Our visits are in the name of the Church and allows communion with the body of Christ.
It is a rewarding ministry for those who are called.

Merle Oliver 871 4672 or Amy Rewita 870 2040


The Nightingales are a group of retired Registered Nurses who are willing to help parishioner where they can with practical help and advice. As they no longer hold registration there are some areas they are no longer permitted to legally assist with. Lively meetings are held with suitable speakers on subjects of interest, and a shared lunch. Two of the group recently attended a course on Healing Massage and hope to pass this on by offering massage to interested parishioners.

If you are in need of help please contact Merle Oliver 871 4672

Selwyn Centre @ St John’s

This new and exciting service is up and running to support older people in their own homes by giving them a social time out with others. If people don’t drive then a roster of drivers will pick people up. Volunteers are welcome on the days the Centre will meet.  The day is likely to be a Thursday but we have yet to decide whether it is am or pm.871 8308 and 871 5568 are the numbers to ring if you are interested in coming along or want to be a volunteer or a driver. Ring Dot on 872 7780 if you want more information.