Old Saint John'sWe have an exceptionally long history. In 1841 a mission station was established near the present day St Johns in what today is Selwyn Park, beyond the Walk of Fame. An outline of the old mission house has been picked out with bricks. In the 1850’s both the historic St Johns and St Pauls at Hairini were built. They are recognised as important historic buildings and their graveyards reflect local history. New St Johns Church was built in the 1960s and the present St Saviours in Pirongia that was consecrated in 1960 is the third church to carry the name.

 What type of church are we?

We are a moderately conservative Church and worship tends to follow a traditional Anglican format of organ music, prayers and traditional Hymns however, we  also recognise the value of providing alternative family and contemporary services to provide variety and choice of service and worship. Check out where and what time our services are throughout the parish.

What can we offer you?

* An introduction to Christ and help to get to know Him
* A spiritual Home and a place of nurture and belonging
* A warm caring relationship and practical support should the need arise
* An opportunity for you to develop your skills and talents in the service of other people and God.
*An invitation and welcome.
If you would like to join us in worship, explore issues of faith or simply talk to someone, you would be most welcome.

Come along to any of our services or contact one of us.

 Family Genealogy

If you are doing undertaking any family research the parish office holds a map and names of the historic graves surrounding the two churches. The churchyard contains graves of early soldiers and settlers and their families.

Contact the Parish Office of 871 5568